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Month: August 2019

Cat Women of the Moon (1953)

Before John F. Kennedy double dog dared us, going to the moon was something we just dreamed about.

In “Cat Women of the Moon”, man (and woman) finally makes it to the moon and finds a dying race of leotard clad beatnik feminists bent on invading Earth and conquering everyone through seduction, mind control and teleportation.

Bonus points for interpretive dance and jazz flute music.

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The Hideous Sun Demon (1958)


Land of sunshine, beaches and pretty girls!
Every time you turn around, Brian Wilson was writing and singing a song about this place.

Now, we all know that staying out in the sun too long can be bad. Anything from awkward looking tan lines to cancerous melanoma can ruin your day.

The only thing worse would be turning into a murderous Sun Demon, getting all mopey and having your girl break up with you.

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The Alligator People (1959)

You know what sucks?

Being on your honeymoon with a man you nursed back to health and have him leave you, stranded and alone on the train.

What sucks even WORSE is finding out that he’s been turned into an alligator.

In this gem from 1959, we have Beverly Garland as a new bride looking for her runaway husband. She finds him, and more alligator filled swamp adventures than she bargained for.

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