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Assignment Terror (1970)

When you call a movie Dracula Versus Frankenstein, as opposed to Assignment Terror, you, as a movie goer, would certainly expect there to be a Dracula, a Frankenstein, and a battle.

But no.

Not with this movie!

They take a hard left turn at Albuquerque, throw caution (and title accuracy) to the wind, and keep on going!

In this 1970 Spanish horror film, written by, and starring Paul Naschy (whom we’ve seen before), we do have a werewolf (Naschy’s “Count Waldemar Daninsky” character), and we do have a Monster That Resembles The Universal Frankenstein Monster, we do have a vampire that vaguely looks like what Dracula might look like if Bela Lugosi and Christopher Lee hadn’t already made their versions so iconic, and we do have a slow walking Egyptian Mummy.

Now that the Monster Squad Roll Call has been done, let’s take a look at the movie itself.

Originally called “The Monsters of Terror” in Spanish, the movie was also known in the US as “Assignment Terror” (this is how most websites refer to the movie), and finally, the United Kingdom wins the best, but most confusing title with “Dracula versus Frankenstein”.

I can only imagine the sheer number of angry and confused British viewers after watching this movie with that title.

It’s not as bad as one would expect, and, as the second of the Waldemar Daninsky movies, it’s a nice continuation from 1968’s “The Mark of the Wolf Man”. He continues to build the myth, and, as you’ll see in future films, won’t be afraid to contradict the myth, either.

The Episode

The Review

Over at Mondo Digital, the Unknown Reviewer get to the heart of the matter in that this is a movie that’s fun to watch, but don’t be looking for a logical, coherent story, or even a great deal of screen time from Naschy himself.

Ridiculous but quite fun in a low-grade sort of way, Assignment: Terror has become something of an odd monster out in the Naschy canon given the star’s quite limited screen time and his subsequent tales of woe about the entire enterprise. However, any film with Naschy facing off against two early of his three creature counterparts is always worth a look, and the mishmash casting approach and nutty plotting (which essentially echoes Plan 9 from Outer Space if you think about it) make for very entertaining viewing in the right frame of mind. On top of that, Rennie has to deserve some sort of medal for delivering his dialogue with a completely straight face.

If you love Naschy, if you love werewolves, if you love horror, you’re going to have fun with this movie.

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