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Black Noon (1971)

The 1970’s were Peak Made for TV Movies, and they tended to fall within three camps:
You had the good – Brian’s Song, a true story about the death of the Chicago Bears football player, Gayle Sayers – the one movie that made every man on the planet cry before Spock’s death in the Wrath of Khan came along.
You had the hidden potential – Duel, a young Steven Spielberg’s first foray into full length film that pitted ol’ Marshall McCloud himself, Dennis Weaver, against a homicidal big rig driver who just will. Not. Die.
You had the springboard – Shows such as The Night Stalker and Columbo came from Made for TV movies.

Then you have this month’s movie – Black Noon.

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The Abominable Snowman (1957)

Have you ever seen a dragonfly larvae?

If not, hint: THEY ARE NOT PRETTY, but I think that we can absolutely agree that the final product is astoundingly beautiful, nature’s iridescent little Sikorsky helicopters.

The lesson here is that beautiful things can come from ugly things.
That within a bad idea, a great product can be brought into the world.

So it is with Hammer’s 1957 production of “The Abominable Snowman”.
Upon first blush, you’re like okay, it’s a Bigfoot movie, let’s not get too excited about it, but then – then you see that it has Peter ‘effin’ Cushing in it.

And you start watching it.

And you change your mind.

This movie is really, really good.

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The Mysterians (1957)

Made just three years after the classic “Gojira” by the same director, “The Mysterians” is one of those movies where you wonder just what the hell happened between initial idea and finished film.

A cautionary tale against the proliferation and use of nuclear weapons, we have flying saucers, a Giant Anteater Robot, Disco Overlords bent on world destruction and, of course, marrying our Earth women.

It’s just as bonkers as it sounds.

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Mako: The Jaws of Death (1976)

Nature’s Death Torpedoes, or Misunderstood Gentle Ocean Creature?

Before Steven Spielberg’s “Jaws”, people probably didn’t give sharks a second thought.

After the movie, well, it’s a different story, and sometimes that story should not have been told, which brings us to this month’s movie, “Mako: The Jaws of Death”.

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Secret Agent Fireball (1965)

There’s something about being a Secret Agent that people just love.
Danger, excitement, fast cars, alcoholic beverages, smooching and of course, being able to dress really, really well.

You come out of a James Bond movie wanting to get the girl and have someone place a martini in your hand.
That’s the sign of a good Secret Agent movie.

Secret Agent Fireball is not a good Secret Agent movie.

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UFO Target Earth (1974)

The Seventies were a weird dang time.
We had Nixon, the Vietnam War,  Disco, Jaws, Bigfoot and of course, Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

UFO Target Earth was made 3 years before Spielberg’s flying saucer film, but it is light years ahead in incoherent plot, poor acting and Commodore 64 generated computer graphic weirdness.

You don’t have to be high to understand this movie, but it might help.

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