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Count Dracula’s Great Love (1974)

When it comes to vampires, and especially the King of the Vampires, Dracula, you want someone who will kick ass, take names, snap your neck like a pencil, and steal your girl.

If you look at Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan’s work on Marvel’s “The Tomb of Dracula” comic book from the 1970’s, you will see what I am talking about.

With “Count Dracula’s Great Love”, however, we get someone a bit different.

Brought to life by the incredible Spanish horror maestro, Paul Naschy, this version of Dracula comes across as a bit weak, a bit needy, with low self-esteem and high body fat percentage.

Let’s see what Emo Dracula is all about, shall we?

The Episode

Words From The Watchdog

Well, Bill Warren didn’t have anything to say about this one, because “Keep Watching The Skies” is a science fiction compendium, and there’s no way this is a science fiction movie.

I still wanted to share some thoughts on the movie, and I found Tim Lucas, of Video Watchdog fame, had a very nice review of the film up on his site, so we’re going to go with his thoughtful words.

Where does one begin with COUNT DRACULA’S GREAT LOVE? How does one begin to explain to the uninitiated its bizarre, even unique appeal? Moreso than any other Paul Naschy film, this – his sole interpretation of the Lord of the Un-Dead – seems to have been dredged up whole from his unconscious by director Javier Aguirre. The narrative scenes are terse and choppy, the horror scenes are more static, lurid and indulgent. The costuming belongs to a different place and era, the staid collides with the explicit, and the score seldom varies from the same repeated cue, bonding all the various imagery to a common dream.

I highly recommend Tim’s site for finding out even more about the movies we all love.

My own thoughts are that when it comes to Paul Naschy and his output, there’s good and there’s mediocre.
Personally, I think he really finds his stride and his lane with the Waldemar Daninsky series of werewolf films.  His Count Dracula strikes me a as bit emo, a bit whiny, and personally, not a good take on the most powerful supernatural being known to man.

Dracula, in general, is a very difficult character to pull off – everyone’s take, and everyone’s favorite take is different.
I think that the closer you are to the source document, Stoker’s novel, the better off you will be.
Naschy decides to go in the opposite direction, and well, there you go, and this movie is what you get.

The Links

Watch “Count Dracula’s Great Love” on Daily Motion (Warning: BOOBS/NSFW and not a great copy)
Mondo Esoterica’s page on Paul Naschy (a wonderful recap of his career!)
Read about “Count Dracula’s Great Love” on Wikipedia
Check out the wonderful review of “Count Dracula’s Great Love” review at Video Watchdog

Finally, you can buy “Count Dracula’s Great Love” on Blu-Ray at amazon to support the show!

The Credits

I am very grateful to be able to use the music and sound effects of so many wonderful creators.
You can find a list of all music used, and all sound effects used, and links, here, on our Credits page.

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