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My Gear

I’m creating this page, because I know that a lot of people (like myself) want to know how the hell the podcasting sausage gets made.

Let’s talk gear!

For me, creating each episode of Bill Watches Movies or Monsters by the Minute is the perfect mix of technology and creativity.
Little bit of left brain, little bit of right, and in the middle is where the magic happens.
If you know what I mean and I know that you do.

Right now, because this is new and I’m new and I have no idea if people are going to love it or hate it, I started out with pretty much the bare minimum I could get by with.

My Starting Gear (July 2019)


Gargeband – Episode 1 (The Alligator People) was made in Garageband.  Well, to be absolutely honest, the first 15-20 minutes were first made in Audacity, but after that POS destroyed all my work in one fell swoop, I was bound and determined to not let that happen again.  Because I am a Mac guy, I had Garageband installed and so I went to YouTube and started searching for “Garageband Podcasting” and such.
I learned the basics of the software, little bit by little bit, and by the end, I had a great first episode (okay, mediocre first episode) and I had also learned that Garageband was WAY overkill and too labor intensive for what I wanted to accomplish.  So I decided, for Episode 2, I would get something more appropriate.

Hindenburg Journalist – Episode 2 and all subsequent episodes (I assume) will be made in this marvelous piece of podcast/NPR/oral storytelling software. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this dang thing. So much different than Garageband and Audacity.  My editing and recording time has gone down from hours to minutes, especially after learning the hot keys.  Please note that this is the cheap ass Journalist version (about $95) and not the Makes My Mouth Water Journalist Pro version (about $395).  If you people ever start throwing money at me over on Patreon, this is my first purchase.

(added March 2020) Hindenburg Journalist Pro – Thanks to my ever-lovin’ Patrons, I was able to save up and upgrade to Hindenburg Journalist Pro! It has a few bells and whistles that really make it worthwhile, and hopefully, starting with Episode 13, you Gentle Listeners will hear a difference. I really endeavor to make each show better than the last, whether it’s the writing, my delivery, my editing or the use of sound effects and music, I want to make you happy!

Hint: If you can wait for World Radio Day, the folks at Hindenburg always have a sale (their only sale of the entire year) on purchases, upgrades or subscriptions, so put it on your calendar!


13″ Apple Macbook Air (2011) – I bought this MBA brand new, back in the day, when I still imagined I was going to make it as a best selling mystery novelist.  HA!  It still works like a charm, still holds a mediocre battery life, but most importantly, it just works. I will work the heck out of this machinery until it breaks down or explodes in my face in a fiery ball of fire. I love it.  Like my iPhone and my iPad, it’s easy to use, easy to modify, easy to get software for, and again, IT JUST WORKS.

Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB Cardioid Dynamic USB/XLR Microphone – I first bought this microphone back in 2015; back when I was just starting my YouTube channel for my Life Coaching practice.  Turns out I really didn’t need it, so I stuck it in the back of my closet and it’s just NOW, in 2019 that I have dusted it off and started using it almost daily.  It’s a good starter mic, but, again, once you start throwing money at me, I will probably upgrade. My main beef is that you have to really sit on top of it to get a good gain/level out of it. Either that, or you can sit back about 3″ to 6″ and project like Pavarotti.

Neewer NB-35 Black Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand with Mic Clip Holder and Table Mounting Clamp & NW(B-3) Black Pop Filter Windscreen Mask Shield with Stand Clip Kit – It’s a mouthful, but you will need it. You need something to hold your microphone still, so you won’t bang it and cause loud THUMPS in your recording. You need something to clamp your microphone stand to your desk, and finally, you need a damn pop filter screen because you are not Terri Gross or some other NPR vocal superstar. You’re going to pop your P’s and hiss your S’s and this will help filter all that nonsense out.

Behringer HPX2000 Headphones – The final piece of the hardware puzzle; something to listen through when you are recording and editing.  These came recommended to me by Dave Jackson, over at the School of Podcasting, which is where I took all my podcasting education classes.  They were less than twenty bucks, fit over my ears and sound good. Bingo, bango, done.


As mentioned above, when I decided I was going to get somewhat serious about this, and actually commit to making a few episodes to see if they will stick and people will love them, I started looking around for the best online podcast training I could find.  And could afford.  And would occasionally talk to me like a 5 year old because I didn’t understand something.

Dave Jackson’s School of Podcasting – This was perfect for me.  Now, podcasting techniques and technologies are constantly changing, but the basics pretty much remain intact, with a few little tweaks here and there. I bought the complete package of all Dave’s classes, for one low monthly fee, and got a discount because I was a listener of his podcast.  If you listen, he’ll give you the discount code as well!

I hope you found this informative!
I hope you’ll get out there and get podcasting, because I have found true joy and happiness in creating these dorky little stories for you. If you are as happy as I am with your podcast, I think we’ve done a good thing here.

I wish you the best!

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