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New Season for Bill Watches Serials! Welcome to the Lost City of the Jungle!

That’s right, Gentle Listeners!

The first season of the weekly Patron Only show, Bill Watches Serials was a pretty good success, so we’re heading back to the serial well, and this time we’re going deep into the jungle, with Universal’s 1946 serial, “Lost City of the Jungle”, starring Russell Hayden, Keye Luke and the man with the monocle, Lionel Atwill, in his last role before his untimely death.

This serial is considered Universal’s penultimate serial, the next to the last one that they would create, and, like most serials, “Lost City of the Jungle” does not disappoint is just a pure joy to watch.

Tomorrow, May 19th, we will start Season Two, with episode one: “Himalaya Horror!”

In Season One, “King of the Rocket Men”, we had atomic powered rocket jet packs and car chases, and gun fights, and such.

In this Season Two, “Lost City of the Jungle”, we have hidden temples, angry natives, car chases, and gun fights, and such!

I think you can see a pattern developing.

These movie serials are just a wonderful way to get your nostalgia groove on, get a bit of that action and adventure that we all secretly crave, and are frankly so superior to pretty much anything Hollywood is throwing at us these days**, so why not pop some popcorn, grab a beverage and some candy, and let’s watch one together!

What’s This All About? Weekly Shows? Sign Me Up!

If you’re already a Director or Producer Level Patron of the show(s), then you are good to go!

The first episode will show up on the Top Secret Podcasting RSS Feed that you have already fed into your atomic powered Podcasting Subscription and Transmission Machine!

If you are a Gentle Listener level Patron, you’ll need to upgrade to the Director or Producer Level, but that’s easy peasy.

If you would like to become a Patron of the show, you can head over to Patron now, sign up, and you’ll get all 12 episodes of Season One: “King of the Rocket Men” and all future episodes of Season Two: “Lost City of the Jungle”, AND you’ll be set for Season Three, which was chosen by the current Director and Producer Level Patrons, “The Spider Returns”!

Lost City of the Jungle Goodness!

For you to get ready for tomorrow’s show, here are some “Lost City of the Jungle” links for you!

Lost City of the Jungle over at Wikipedia

Lost City of the Jungle Blu-Ray at Amazon

Lost City of the Jungle, Part One, Part Two, and Part Three, over on YouTube

Thank you all, as always, for your support and kindness.

I love making these shows for you, and hey, I’m glad you love them right back!

Head over to Patreon now and become a Gentle Supporter!


**Okay, so I do love me some Marvel movies, but THAT’S IT. Oh and some James Bond, but those two are it. Done! I swear!

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