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They Saved Hitler’s Brain (1968)

Imagine you work for Adolph Hitler.
Literally, LITERALLY, the most feared and hated man in the world.
As you can imagine, hanging out with him can really be a pain in the ass.
Instead of walking around with Adolf Hitler, why not just cut off his head and carry that around, like carry on luggage or some sort of angry hat box?
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Battle of the Worlds (1961)

There are obvious advantages to being a grumpy old man.
Disregard for societal norms, the ability to say “Back in my day…” and of course, senior citizen discounts.

Battle of the Worlds is basically Claude Rains trying to trying to tell the leaders of the world that a massive meteor is heading to earth and will probably kill us all!
They ignore him because he IS a grumpy old man.

End it all now, Giant Meteor!

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Frankenstein’s Daughter (1958)

It’s gotta be hard getting out there and dating when you are a Mad Scientist.

There’s no for Evil Geniuses!
Unless that’s what Tinder is; I am uncertain.

There comes a time in a man’s life when he wants to settle down with a nice girl, so they do what anyone else would do:

Sew together a lifeless female body, zap it with electricity and bring it to life.

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X The Unknown (1956)

Actors gotta work, actors gotta eat.

Even Academy Award Winners gotta put food on the table.

I assume this is what Dean Jagger (Best Supporting Actor, 1949, “Twelve O’Clock High”) was thinking when he signed on the dotted line for “X The Unknown” and ended up battling radioactive Jello pudding.

There’s a Bill Cosby joke in there somewhere, but I am afraid to make it.

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The Monolith Monsters (1957)

When it comes to disaster movies, you tend to think of something Irwin Allen did in the 1970’s.

The Towering Inferno! A movie about a burning building that wants to kill you. The Poseidon Adventure! A movie about a sinking ship that wants to kill you.

Every time you turn around, something is trying to kill you.
In this movie, it’s giant rocks.

“The Monolith Monsters”!
Giant rocks that want to kill you!

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The Return of Dracula (1958)

Sometimes, a vampire just wants to relax.

But in this teen-filled vampire movie from 1958, “The Return of Dracula” – Dracula – the King of All Vampires, The Lord of Darkness, Vlad the Impaler, decides to retire.

He leaves the moderate climate of Europe and, for some reason, settles down in a little podunk town in California with your Nana, your annoying little brother and your sullen teenage boyfriend.

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Cat Women of the Moon (1953)

Before John F. Kennedy double dog dared us, going to the moon was something we just dreamed about.

In “Cat Women of the Moon”, man (and woman) finally makes it to the moon and finds a dying race of leotard clad beatnik feminists bent on invading Earth and conquering everyone through seduction, mind control and teleportation.

Bonus points for interpretive dance and jazz flute music.

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