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Atomic Rulers of the World (1965)

It must have been a great time to be a screenwriter in the 1950’s and 1960’s at the beginning of the Atomic Era, where all you had to do was throw in words like nuclear and atomic and radiation into the mix and you would have a contract on your desk by noon, as soon as the studio could send a runner over.

Nuclear power, nuclear weapons, nuclear radiation and the inevitable nuclear holocaust were the best villains and challenges that a good script writer could ask for.
It was like mad libs but with much more horrific consequences.

Now, no one played this game better than the Japanese and their movies and television shows reflected their earnest and heartfelt warnings against doing stupid things again with nuclear bombs.

Atomic Rulers of the World, also known in Japan as the short film series, Super Giant, is no different.

Like some sort of Green Lantern, he’s sent from the Emerald Planet to Earth, equipped with his trusty Globemeter, and tasked with stopping us from blowing ourselves up; not from any sort of altruistic point of view, but because if we blow up our planet, the radiation will drift out into space and kill everyone on the Emerald Planet.

It’s more about self-preservation and stopping the stupid monkeys on Earth from playing with matches. Nuclear matches.

The Episode

The Review

Richard Scheib, over at Moira Reviews, really does not mince words when it comes to Atomic Rulers of the Earth.

Much of the show is taken up with scenes of one of the foreign agents abducting a young boy for no clear reason and Starman flying off in search of him. The main plot involves a scheme by the agents of the fictional country of Merapolia to trigger a series of atomic bomb blasts around the world. The latter half of the film features lots of scenes with Starman beating up the foreign agents in some poorly choreographed fight scenes.

From a purely nostalgic point of view, I think one really has to love Starman in the same way that one loves Buck Rogers or Flash Gordon, in that they are all heart and good intentions, but held up by a low budget, poor screenwriting, and mediocre acting.

Looking at it through that lens as a sixty something year old, is much different than if I were 7 or 8 years old and watching it on a small black and white television on a Saturday afternoon, after The Three Stooges.

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