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We’ve Gone Weekly With “Bill Watches Serials”!

In which I have created a new show called “Bill Watches Serials” that has atomic powered rocket jet packs, evil scientists bent on taking over the world, women reporters and casino owners with agency, and more fist fights and car chases than you can shake a ray gun at.

Oh, and it comes out every Wednesday!

That’s right Gentle Listeners!

I’ve created a new show called “Bill Watches Serials” and you can get bite size, atomic powered 15 to 30 minute episodes each week if you are a Director or Producer Level Patron!

Our first serial is Republic’s “King of the Rocket Men”! and the first episode has been released!

You’ll get a bright and shiny new episode every single Wednesday from here on out, each one showcasing an episode of a cliffhanger style serial from days gone by.

What Is A Serial?


Serials are/were just the coolest thing ever if you were growing up during a certain period of time in the thirties, forties and fifties.

Imagine the most heroic people battling the most evil villains who want to do the most destructive, most despicable thing ever to take over the world, or any other planet.  Once you imagine that, and think about how cool that is, and maybe even taste a few you’ll see just why I chose to make Bill Watches Serials as my next podcast.

They’re goofy, and I am goofy!
They’re fun, and I am fun! (Well, my wife thinks I am. Sometimes.)
They’re the type of over the top action and adventure tales that are tailor made for someone like me to lovingly tell you the story.

Here’s the Wikipedia article on Motion Picture Serials.

Here’s a really good overview of the history of Serials.

Over at The Paranormal Forum, someone who watches a lot of serials gave everyone a list of The Best Movie Serials Ever Made.

Possible Shows

Lost City of the Jungle, Batman and Robin, Captain America, Drums of Fu Manchu, Flash Gordon, Panther Girl of the Congo, Phantom Empire, Secret Agent X-9, Spy Smasher, The Crimson Ghost, The Green Hornet, The Phantom, The Spider Returns, Undersea Kingdom, and Zorro’s Fighting Legion.

The possibilities and the fun are endless, and I do hope you’ll support the show (it averages out to about $1.25 an episode at the Director Level) and get in on the atomic powered, laser beam, what-happens-next action!

Become A Patron

If you want to become a Patron and listen to Bill Watches Serials, you can follow this link; signing up is easy and you’ll get immediate access to the show(s) to listen to in a Podcast Subscription and Transmission Machine of your choice.

If you are already a Director or Producer Level Patron, then you can read more here on how to access your Top Secret RSS Feed and start listening now!

If you are a Gentle Listener Patron, you will have to upgrade to the Director or Producer Level to gain access to the shows.

As always, I appreciate your kindness, your support and look forward to delivering great content and delighting you, as a listener, on a regular basis!

Any questions? Get in touch!

Here are some fun “King of the Rocket Men” links for you!

Here’s The King of the Rocket Men trailer!

You can watch the entire serial on YouTube

Learn more about the show over at Wikipedia

Watch the Rocket Man trailer over at The Serial Squadron, lovingly restored to high definition!

Discover the world of film serials from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s with this book; it’s the one I own, and a favorite – “Cliffhanger: A Pictorial History of the Motion Picture Serial” on amazon.


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