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This is the category for anything to do with “Bill Watches Serials” the exclusive Patron only show for those who support at the Director and Producer Levels.

New Season for Bill Watches Serials! Welcome to the Lost City of the Jungle!

That’s right, Gentle Listeners!

The first season of the weekly Patron Only show, Bill Watches Serials was a pretty good success, so we’re heading back to the serial well, and this time we’re going deep into the jungle, with Universal’s 1946 serial, “Lost City of the Jungle”, starring Russell Hayden, Keye Luke and the man with the monocle, Lionel Atwill, in his last role before his untimely death.

This serial is considered Universal’s penultimate serial, the next to the last one that they would create, and, like most serials, “Lost City of the Jungle” does not disappoint is just a pure joy to watch.

Tomorrow, May 19th, we will start Season Two, with episode one: “Himalaya Horror!”

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We’ve Gone Weekly With “Bill Watches Serials”!

In which I have created a new show called “Bill Watches Serials” that has atomic powered rocket jet packs, evil scientists bent on taking over the world, women reporters and casino owners with agency, and more fist fights and car chases than you can shake a ray gun at.

Oh, and it comes out every Wednesday!

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