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Monsters by the Minute Trailer! (2020)

I promised you a new show, and now is the time to reveal what I’ve been working on, and will probably be working on for the next few months.

I’m calling the show “Monsters by the Minute”, and I’m proud to bring you the Monsters by the Minute trailer!

The first season of the show will debut in 2021.

I will take you minute by minute through “The Mummy”, the 1932 classic starring Boris Karloff, ZIta Johann, David Manners, and Edward Van Sloan.

You’ll learn about the stars, the director, the artists and more who brought this understated occult classic to life.

I encourage you to listen to the trailer below, and then sign up for the newsletter that will bring you the latest information on the podcast.

If you want to plug the show into your current Podcast Subscription and Transmission Machine, and wait for the glorious day it appears in your feed, then you just head over here, and the subscription links are there!

Welcome, Gentle Listeners, to Monsters by the Minute, Season One, The Mummy.

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