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Support The Show!

Hello Gentle Listener!

Thank you so much for stopping by this page!
I love that you’re curious about how YOU can support the work that I do, and I’ve got a half a dozen different ways that you can help keep the lights off and the projector running.

Become a Patron!

That’s right, you can become a patron of the arts, complete with monocle and top hat or mink stole**, and support the shows on a regular monthly basis in just a few easy steps.
Think about this – just how much are the shows and what I do, worth to you?

$1 a month?
$5 a month?
$10 a month?

Why not skip a latte or two a month and throw it in my direction?
Each Patron level has it’s own benefits and goodies!

If you become a Director or Producer level Patron, you get WEEKLY EPISODES!
That’s right!
I’ve created a new show, Bill Watches Serials, and each Wednesday, you will get a private, exclusive show for Patrons only!

Learn more about Bill Watches Serials here, and then check out the rewards and become a Patron now!

Throw A Few Bucks In The Tip Jar!

Okay, so you’re a little afraid of commitment.
You love the shows, you adore me, but you’re a little afraid of having to throw money at me on a regular basis.
No worries!
Why not throw money at me on an irregular basis?
That’s where Ko-Fi comes in!
You click on the link, you fill in an amount from $1 to $1 million, hit a button and you’ve donated to the show which allows you to support my work and also a warm glow of smug Patron satisfaction.
It’s that easy!
Try it now and throw some coffee money at me!

Learn To Podcast Yourself!

You love me, you love the show, and, on more than one occasion you’ve thought to yourself, “I could do THAT!”

Yes, you can, Gentle Listener!
You, too, can become a podcaster!
Fame and fortune await you!***

This is the exact course that I took, from podcasting Hall of Fame inductee Dave Jackson, and it covers all the basics and then some.
You can learn about microphones, recording equipment, setting up your hosting, editing software, using an RSS feed, getting your podcast out to apple, Google, Stitcher, Spotify and the other podcast apps.
Get started with your new podcasting hobby now!

Buy A Groovy, Nerdy T-Shirt!

If there’s one thing that folks love these days, it’s t-shirts!
Declare your passion!
Tell folks what you love, or what you’re about!
TV shows, movies, politics, you name it, Tee Public has a shirt about it, and you can buy it now!

They are great conversation starters at conventions and other gatherings, and I’ve gotten more than one thumbs up as I walk through the mall, the grocery store or the dealers room.

BY POPULAR DEMAND: There is a Bill Watches Movies shirt!

Here’s a link to the TeePublic store! ANY shirt you purchase through this link will help support the show!

Buy Some Books At Amazon!

If you’re like me, you are addicted to Amazon.
If you’re NOT like me, and you’ve managed to kick your Amazon addiction, please let me know how!

But for the rest of us mere mortals with no willpower whatsoever, Amazon is one stop shopping for pretty much anything on the planet.

If you shop through this link, I will get a wee, small affiliate payment, at no extra charge to you.

Get yourself something awesome through this link! Dang right you deserve it!

Buy My Mystery Novels and Self-Help Books At Amazon!

That’s right!
I have written books!
I have written two award nominated mystery novels and three non-fiction coaching books!

Look at my books and buy one!

Thank you for visiting this page, and thank you for anything and everything that you do to help support the shows, even if it’s just downloading it and listening to it each month.

Thank you for being part of my life, and I wish you all the best.

**Top hat, mink stole and monocle not included.
***Fame and fortune not guaranteed, but it sure is fun.

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