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The Mysterians (1957)

Made just three years after the classic “Gojira” by the same director, “The Mysterians” is one of those movies where you wonder just what the hell happened between initial idea and finished film.

A cautionary tale against the proliferation and use of nuclear weapons, we have flying saucers, a Giant Anteater Robot, Disco Overlords bent on world destruction and, of course, marrying our Earth women.

It’s just as bonkers as it sounds.

Yes, Ishiro Honda got some of the band back together for “The Mysterians”, but it just didn’t gel, as “Godzilla” did.  Heavy handed, confusing, and, for the most part pretty ridiculous, it lacks the gravitas of the prior film.

The Episode

The Review

We’re heading back over to DVD Talk to see what the DVD Savant has to say about “The Mysterians”. He really seems to like it, but admits that he is looking at the film through firmly placed Nostalgia Goggles:

In 1959, Daily Variety called The Mysterians “a red-blooded phantasmagoria” and that assessment still holds true. It’s one of the first movies Savant saw as a kid filmgoer choosing his own fare, and nostalgia is a big factor in overlooking the film’s flaws (“What flaws?”). Spread out across a big monitor, it’s still a big, fun action circus of spaceships, death rays, explosions and wholesale destruction.

The Links

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